Guiding Hands Academy immerses students in a dual-language environment, providing them with skills and training to excel in an ever-progressing world.

Our program, Experience Early Learning, uses the nationally recognized and research-based Mother Goose Time and Little Goose curriculum.  Their curriculum is in direct correlation to NAEYC’s Guidelines for Appropriate Curriculum Content and Assessment in Early Childhood Programs and the State of Illinois Learning Standards.

Our program is theme based and children are encouraged to go deeper in their thinking, creating connections to the various topics in each domain.  We include questions to discuss with the children before an activity begins and also offer reflection time after the children have participated in the activity.

Experience Early Learning is divided into nine learning domains: Language, Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Creative arts, Social and Emotional development, Physical Health and Safety, World Explorer, and Approaches to Learning. Coupled with our own in-house, dual-language program children will develop important skills as they progress through their education in a bilingual and ethnically diverse environment.  Scaffolding is a key ingredient within our monthly curriculum.

We recognize the natural curiosity of children and reinforce questioning and researching to satiate inquiries.  From the morning routine of greeting each other, calendar, and weather, to dramatic play and art projects, children are actively involved in the learning process.  We believe each child works at their own ability level.  We emphasize the process and not the product which is important for children to experience.

Asking Open-Ended questions throughout each month is one way Experience Early Learning promotes the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, social, and decision-making skills.  Children practice taking turns while talking, listening to each other’s ideas, and incorporating ideas into group play.  A routine is established to create a sense of safety within the educational setting.

Above all, we do everything with love and care consciously aware that we are shaping the lives of our future generation.

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